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About Chef Lazar

Lázár Chef:

  • Host of many gastronomic and culinary events
  • TV presenter – Cooking shows in RTL Klub; TV Paprika, Duna TV channels
  • Food Stylist (Unilever, etc.)
  • Consultations in gastronomy


  • Alabárdos Restaurant (1990–2005): Cook – Executive Chef – Sales Manager
  • Lázár’s Restaurant (2005-2008): Own restaurant with Hungarian cuisine
  • Hungarian Embassy’s master chef, Washington, DC (2008-2009)
    • Hungarian Cultural Year, which was organized in New York and in Washington in 2009, by popularizing Hungarian culture and gastronomy
    • Cooked on Channel 9’s morning cooking show, and the national Fox 5
    • The American Commission – a cook book – From the secrets of the kitchen of the Hungarian Embassy in Washington to the classics of American cuisine


  • CBA hungarian grocery chaine, Unilever, Samsung, Whirlpool
  • Print & Online magazines: Nők Lapja Konyha; Life.hu, etc.

TV Shows:

  • RTL Klub – Receptklub
  • TV Paprika – Receptdaráló, Séf legyen veled
  • Duna TV – Balatoni nyár


  • Spanish Royal Couple
  • Michael Schumacher
  • Plácido Domingo
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber
  • Roger Moore
  • Robert Duvall


  • Cook in Moscow, Hong Kong, France, Switzerland, Tunesia, Croatia, Spain, Monaco, Argentina, USA


  • Chaine des Rotisseurs – gastronomy world contest, Finland – 4.th
  • Chaine des Rotisseurs – gastronomy world contest, California – 3.rd
  • Won a prize called “With a customer for the customer” – the prize was further training Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • Alabárdos became one of the 10 best restaurants (Executive Chef: Lázár Chef)
  • Won a European Barbeque Championship

Guiness record:

  • Made a 250-metre-long stuffed cabbage Hajdúság-style


  • Receptklub (I. II. III. IV. V.)
  • Amerikai küldetés (2009)
  • Magyarország kedvenc ételei (2010)


  • E-mail: info @ lazarchef.hu